Elissavet Thalhofer, alternative practitioner

 I have been dancing ever since I took my first steps—and dance led me to the body.

It all started with ballet and contemporary dance, followed by a number of different dance styles, such as classic Indian dances. While I studied linguistics and history at Freie Universität Berlin I taught Bollywood Dance for a few years. Dealing with body and movement was an intense experience and eventually led me to bodywork. In this area I have been working full time for more than 15 years.

In 2008 I completed a 4-year program to become a Grinberg method practitioner. I have been following my own path since 2011. I combine what I have learned with new and fresh ideas. I have in-depth experience with the following: Kinesiology, Ayurvedic therapy, Breuss techniques, classical medical massage and yoga.

I have been working out of my own practice since 2006.