Zsoma is a body school where you learn the art of conscious interaction with your body under the guidance of a personal trainer. You will attain a new level of body awareness. You will learn how to utilize your body as a navigational instrument, that can point you to the path to positive decisions and happiness.

Humans Are Creatures of Habit

Habits can be an obstacle. Our fear of change keeps us from leaving our burdens behind and bravely start something new.

The image we have of ourselves is based on childhood experiences. By what we have been told many years ago, by our parents or other people who were close to us. This image is often outdated. We engage in old behavioral patterns and stand in our own way.  


To begin with, we need to recognize the patterns that no longer fit us and become conscious of them. In Zsoma Body School we will show you how to intensely perceive your body, to utilize your body as an instrument to detect these old and obsolete patterns. Tensions, headaches and back pain can often be traced back to old and inappropriate body posture. We make ourselves small and tense up. It is quite amazing how the aching back helps us realize that our every day behavior is doing more harm than good to ourselves. We keep up the way we handle our jobs or our relationships, only because that’s what we are used to, regardless whether it has a negative impact on us or our environment.

To become aware of wrong patterns is the first step. By practicing mindfulness and certain exercises we can dissolve these patterns or turn them into something new and positive.

Mindfulness won’t just help you to get rid of any pain, it will help you change your whole life for the better.

You cannot become a new person, just like a leopard can’t change its spots. But small changes in the right place can bring about a miracle.

Learn to feel your body!