ZSOMA is for people who have realized that they live inside a body. This may sound absurd but many people are barely aware of this. Many people only perceive the body when it hurts. Regardless: the body sends a message. You can use this opportunity to deal with your body more intensely in order to start communicating with your body. Your body will thank you! Once you have learned how to properly feel your body you will sense the positive signals your body communicates. Intensive body awareness increases your life quality immediately. Just try it:  drink a glass of water. Feel the water flowing into your body, then feel your body’s reaction. You will be surprised!

ZSOMA teaches body-awareness


ZSOMA for individuals

The individuals who come to us are often:

  • People who stand before a big decision and cannot make a choice.
  • People who no longer want to be an obstacle to their own success.
  • People who are dissatisfied even though “everything is fine.”
  • People who have suffered from physical problems for some time (headaches, back pains, tension).
  • People who return to old behavioral patterns even though they are aware of them.
  • People who often feel like Don Quixote.
  • People who would like to increase their general wellbeing.
  • People who have a lust for life!

(Home visits upon request)

ZSOMA for companies

We would be happy to come to your offices:

  • To show employees (and employers!) how to enjoy their job (again).
  • To provide relaxation session (neck and back massage) in the workplace.
  • To find and dissolve unproductive behavioral patterns.

Contact us for further details.