Private Session

The private session lasts 60 minutes. During the training the client usually lies on a massage table, sometimes we change to a standing or sitting position. The private session starts out with an intake talk that usually takes around 10 minutes. Then we follow up with the training of the body, this also involves massage and techniques of touch. Depending on what is best for you at this very moment the practitioner decides which technique of touch to apply.


This could be leaning more towards relaxation or more towards body training, where the client is more active and contributes in a mental as well as a physical way. This is your space. You may feel free here and express yourself in a way you usually don’t allow yourself. At the end of the session, which includes time to rest, you certainly will have learned a lot about yourself. You feel refreshed and energized, you long for tranquility and relaxation. You feel yourself and your body, you feel an appetite for life!

The Process

People who come to ZSOMA typically have been dealing with an issue over some time. This is called a process. The duration of a process varies and depends on the issue as well as the individual. Sometimes a process can be successfully completed within 5 or 10 sessions. Some clients seek treatment for months or years dealing with one or more processes.


What matters are you and your needs. A process can be very intense. We don’t want to stress you or put you under any pressure. That’s why we believe it is very important to work out an individual schedule with each client. Each person is different, including the pace that is needed for change. Just like you cannot force a tree to grow faster you cannot force any physical or mental change. Progress takes time. Both one time only and irregular sessions make sense, just as regular sessions in which we work on a process. It all depends on you and your individual needs.